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A form performed by 1st degree black belt Casey Sutherland at Dynamic Kenpo Karate in North Bay, Ontario
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Sensei Mike Reeves introduces you to a traditional Japanese weapon - the sai. This instructional segment is taken from the Isshin-ryu Bo and Sai Kata DVD at ...
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Exercises specific to the sai, and the proper way to handle the sai. Videos are available: http://www.centuryfitness.com/ Find out more: http://okinawa-bu...
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Here is a Tutorial on how to flip out and flip in the sai. Please Follow Me!!! Twitter Link : http://www.twitter.com/rjramos Please SubScribe!!! Thats All Fo...
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my sai kata to evanescence's bring me to life. this was inspired by the daredevil/elektra fight. the base form for this is a tae kwon do kata called koryo. i...
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sai.2 открыть в новом окне  
more sai stuff
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To learn more about this DVD, visit becomeultimate.com
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Maxim Komarov, 3rd dan ju-jutsu, Siberian Ju-Jutsu Association, demonstrates simple sai moves and tricks.
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In order to do a basic flip out spin of a sai weapon, bring the fingers over, straight out and back. Move everything outside-in when doing advanced sai spins...
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Bo Form Demonstration 3 Pecoraro's Academy Of Martial Arts in Rohnert Park, California We Empower People! www.rpdojo.com Join our Facebook Fan page: Pecor...
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Focus Mitt Curriculum Patterns Volume 2DVD from AdamLand Productions www.AdamlandDVD.com This program takes the skills and concepts taught in volume 1 to t...
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