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Террорист захватил автобус. Москва. 14.10.1995

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Террорист захватил автобус. Москва. 14.10.1995
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Russia-Security Forces Storm Hijacked Tourist Bus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMcbEDfpXbk T/I DSSE1 10:01:00 DSSO 10:15:39 GS 10:36:01 Russian special forces on Sunday (14/10) stormed a tour bus that had been hijacked by a gunman on Moscow's Red Square. All six remaining hostages were freed; the hijacker was killed. SHOWS: MOSCOW, RUSSIA 14-15/10 14/10 wide of scene bus with police cars police on bridge ws bridge cu ambulance driving ws bus with police behind it cu police cars driving towards bus ws bus south korean ambassador's car car driving past with hostages in backseat bus, security 15/10 sniper on kremlin tower negotiator on left talking through bus window to hijacker kremlin and st. basil's cathedral line of ambulances Miss Russia at the scene. fire engine arrives back of bus - smoke as bus is stormed, gunshots bus and sound of gunfire freed hostages mayor of moscow Yuri Lushkov sot in russian:" there was a storm and the bandit was killed in the shooting

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