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Russian avant-garde. Artist Yulia Erokhina.

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Yulia Erokhina is an professional artist with great creative and scientific experience: She has graduated from the law faculty of the Pedagogical University, she has got the degree of Ph.D. in Law. Yulia was always interested in fine art, its history, materials, and techniques. She has graduated from School of arts of the Ministry of culture of Russia. Working out her scientific projects Yulia was developing her artistic talent and nowadays she has achieved serious success: she has fifteen solo exhibitions, participated in more then twenty and won international creative competitions (Russia, USA, France, Italy, Portugal and other countries), the artist's works are in private collections in Russia and Denmark, San Marino, Germany. Also Yulia is a member of the Creative and Professional Union of Artists of Russia and the Moscow Association «International Art Fund». Yulia Erokhina is full of ideas, plans, she is constantly in labor and search, reflection and practical activity. Her ir

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