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Одежда с подогревом , жилет , термобелье Sondar - Зондар

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Инновации для комфорта

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Одежда с подогревом , жилет , термобелье Sondar - Зондар
SONDAR is an infrared heating plate with battery. This is an innovation development uses the newest up-to-date science achievements. As the heating element in SONDAR high-tech fiber is used, which produces heat energy in the form of long-wavelength infrared radiation under the influence of direct electric current. Infrared radiation penetrates deeply into the body, raising its temperature and creating a feeling of comfortable warmth. It is a very peculiar feeling that can be compared with the sun rays’ warmth. This warmth remains in body very long. You will experience a pleasant feeling of deep physiological rest and comfort. SONDAR – it is a mobile heater which is always with you. You can use it easily whenever and wherever you want. SONDAR – is a light, convenient, useful and very easy to use personal heating device. SONDAR works from miniature battery. SONDAR consumes very little power. SONDAR warms you without additional charging very long. SONDAR is very easy to use. Just switch it on and set temperature rate you like. SONDAR warms faster than any other heating device. After a minute after switching on you’ll feel it’s pleasing warmth. You needn't to be afraid of frost and weather changes anymore. SONDAR will warm you when you’re on the post, during the walk or fishing, at work or at home.

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