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Contra 25th Anniversary

falsh777 Дата публикации 04.05.2013 16:03


Разрешение: 600x480 / размер: 1.69 Мб
 Contra 25th Anniversary
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The 8-bit classic, contra remade entirely in flash with 4 levels, rankings and medals! Contra(Probotector) is originally an arcade game released in 1987-1988(nes) by the Konami corporation. This anniversary edition features more options and better effects with medal and hiscore systems. Control Keys: UP:[W] DOWN:[S] LEFT:[A] RIGHT:[D] FIRE:[J] JUMP:[K] You can redefine your control keys in the game options. You can change your weapons realtime by clicking the tab below. Harder difficulty (in the game options) result in higher score!
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